BIOS / firmware / Server integration Engineer M/F

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Empowering Generative AI with UPMEM PIM

The introduction of generative AI, capable of crafting complex language models and lifelike images, demands a shift in computing power and hardware design. UPMEM's PIM technology addresses this need, enhancing energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, crucial for the sustainable development of AI.

Generative AI, especially Large Language Models like ChatGPT, faces challenges of high energy use and operational costs. Recognizing the environmental and financial burdens, UPMEM's PIM emerges as a solution, offering a tenfold increase in energy efficiency for inference, significantly lowering costs and environmental impacts.

UPMEM PIM overcomes GPU limitations by increasing memory bandwidth five to ten times and reducing data access costs. It maintains static weights in DRAM, boosting generative AI's speed and efficiency while cutting down the energy associated with data movement.

The technology ensures efficient data orchestration via DDR and LPDDR buses, allowing scalability with hundreds of chips per server, achieving thousands of TFLOPs per server. Looking forward, UPMEM plans to launch 16Gb, 5 TOP chips using LPDDR5 and DDR5, promising up to 20 times cost savings in inference and 10 times in training. These advancements, validated by global benchmarks and simulations, position UPMEM to revolutionize AI deployment.

As we approach 2025, UPMEM's PIM technology is set to redefine AI computing, offering a greener, more efficient path forward. This marks not just technological evolution, but a shift towards addressing AI's computational and environmental challenges.

Job Description

We are looking for an expert, passionate UEFI/BIOS engineer for extending to new server platforms the support of our PIM AI solution that is composed of Processing In Memory DRAM DIMMs running on unmodified server hardware with minimal firmware changes. You will work with other BIOS developers.

If you appreciate working on disruptive technologies, solve complex problems, and enjoy solving tough challenges, your place is with UPMEM.

Your responsibilities involve

  • Port and adapt BIOS modifications to support new hardware platforms (IceLake-SP, Sapphire Rapids, … )

  • Review and enhance UPMEM DDR modules BIOS integration

  • Review and enhance BIOS MRC training and tests compliance

  • Improve hardware/firmware compliance to industries standards

  • Insure maximum UPMEM DDR module efficiency and performance

  • Integrate UPMEM technology into open-source firmware solutions like openEDK2, Coreboot and other OSF initiatives

Preferred Experience

  • You have more than 3 years of experience in UEFI BIOS development with x86 server architecture.
  • Knowledge of the Intel Memory Reference Code and DDR technology would be appreciated.

You are versatile and know how to work in a team.
Your English allows you to work in an international context.
You are motivated, rigorous, dynamic and demonstrate autonomy and organization.

Recruitment Process

Please send resume and possibly letter to

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Grenoble
  • Education Level: Master's Degree
  • Experience: > 3 years
  • Possible partial remote